Environmental Awareness Course

An opportunity to facilitate the development of environmental literate citizens. Through nature appreciation walks in wilderness areas and fun-filled inter-active activities the following are facilitated:

  • An appreciation and love of the fauna and the flora of our beautiful country

  • An appreciation and understanding of bio-diversity and the ecological processes that maintain our living world

  • A realisation of humankind’s impact on Planet Earth, and the understanding of environmental problems and issues  on a local and global scale

  • The opportunity to identify and clarify one’s own value systems and to realise how belief systems determine how people inter-act with their environments

  • The development of life skills to enable participants to identify environmental problems and take action for the improvement of our environment and therefore for the improvement of the quality of life of the people of our country

  • Bush craft knowledge – discovering how people survive and make a living in the bush without the assistance of modern technology – an appreciation of our Natural Heritage


Personal Leadership Development – aspects covered:

  • Exploration of the self:

  • Discover the Wonderful Me; 

  • My purpose – where do I want to go to?

  • Knowing the destination: Person Mission Statement

  • Communication skills 

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Team Building

  • Multi-vitamins for Life!

  • Tools for putting your dreams into practice.

Bush wise Courses

Have a lot of fun whilst learning how to

  • identify birds, animals, arthropods, reptiles;

  • and discover interesting facts;

  • determine sexes and ages in different species;

  • track animals – create an awareness of the signs that animals leave behind;

  • identify plants and discover their medicinal, cosmetic and culinary uses;

  • survive in the bush;

  • explore the nights skies of the Africa

  • be an excellent bush chef.

Creative Activities:

Making dungpaper, card making, Christmas decoration from nature, spoor casting, making of nature collages…

Adventure Activities are included in all courses