Three well-balanced meals are provided each day, as well as accommodating the special requirements for Halaal, vegetarian, Jains, diabetic … and all participants enjoy their role in preparations.


Biscuits are provided at Midmorning.


Cold and hot drinks, as well as fruit, are available at all times – this is appreciated by all.

Special Care for special dietary requirements Halaal meat:

  • Meat is obtained from a certified Halaal Butchery

  • Meat is kept in cooler boxes which is only used for Halaal meat

  • Special pots and cooking utensils are used only for  the preparation of Halaal food

Vegetarian and Jains meals

  • Vegetables and Fry’s vegetarian dishes are kept separate from meat in the fridges

  • Special pots and cooking utensils are used only for the preparation of vegetables and vegetarian dishes.

Diabetes meals:

  • A menu was created according to the advice and recommendations of the Dietician of the  Diabetic Association of South Africa

  • The meals are tasty and enjoyed by participants