Mess Kit
Plate, cereal bowl, mug, knife fork and spoon.

Sleeping Gear
Sleeping bag, pillow and pillowcase and NB a warm blanket in winter.

A Towel, soap and other personal toiletries.

A hat is essential, shorts and T-shirts, windbreakers/jerseys, socks, closed walking shoes, strops/sandals/Rockies, swimming costume, lightweight raincoat, tracksuit, old shorts and T-shirt for mud fight

Daily Requirements
1 liter
water bottle  with a strap to be carried over shoulder (to allow both hands to be free); sunscreen, Elastoplasts, notebook and pencil, torch and, extra batteries, insect repellant lotion for ticks and mosquitoes, camera (optional) and binoculars (optional)  Please take note that the Ubungani Officers can not take responsibility for expensive equipment that is brought by participants.

NB As you are here in the wilderness to enjoy and absorb it, you are requested not to bring your Discmans, Computer Games, I-pods and Cell Phones.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Click here to download the Ubungani Checklist in Microsoft Word format.